Monday, September 17, 2007

Indiana Genealogical Society


  1. Fostering an interest in all people who contributed in any way to the establishment and perpetuation of the State of Indiana.
  2. Searching for the reasons and forces behind the migration of early settlers into the state of Indiana.
  3. Preserving and safeguarding manuscripts, books, cemeteries and memorabilia relating to the early settlers into the state of Indiana.
  4. Securing and hold copyrights, master copies and plates of books, periodicals, tracts and pamphlets of genealogical and historical interest to the people of Indiana.
  5. Publishing, print, buying, selling and circulating literature regarding the purposes, records, acquisitions and discoveries of the Society.
  6. Aiding others in the publication and dissemination of materials pertaining to Indiana, including biography and family and local history.

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