Monday, December 31, 2007

Google & Genealogy

Use the Internet for genealogy research!

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Getting Started in Genealogy Online

by William Dollarhide

  • Locate living relatives. Conduct a genealogy interview. Obtain names, dates, and places. Use a phone directory such as Reference USA located on the library's home page to find the phone numbers and addresses of living relatives.

  • Use Google Enter your surname and your mother's maiden name. Has anyone already done research on your family tree?

  • Check the World Tree on Ancestry's free website at (The library has a subscription to Ancestry Library Edition. It is available only in the library. Our subscription allows you to obtain information from Ancestry without paying a fee.) Your pedigree chart will fill up fast with this wonderful database full of genealogy information. This database has all the available U.S. census records for finding your ancestors with their families.

  • Send for vital records Death certificates for example, give the name of the person's father and maiden name of their mother.

  • Send for an obituary. Many libraries have an email service call Ask a Librarian. Search Google or to find a library near the place where your relatives lived or died. Include the person's full name and date of death in your email request. If you do not know the death date or place of death --try using The Social Security Administration's Death Index (SSDI)

  • Once you have several names, dates, and places you can search for more information using the Family History Library's catalog