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Irish Church Records

Irish Church Records: Their History, Availability, and Use in Family and Local History Research
Edited by James G. Ryan

From the book cover:
Irish Church Records
The records of the Irish churches are among the earliest and most comprehensive sources available to researchers of Irish family, social, and church history. The extensive indexing projects currently in progress will make these sources more accessible. It is therefore important to know the full range of records available; and to understand how and why they were compiled, and the information they can reveal.

Irish Church Records comprises chapters by experts on the records of eight major Irish denominations. It provides details of the types of records maintained by each church, and the relevance of each to family and local history. The locations of the records of each church, and guidelines for their access, are also included. The types of records described are illustrated throughout.

Irish Church Records is aimed at local, family, and church historians.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Irish Quaker Records
  3. Records of the Church of Ireland
  4. Presbyterian Church Records
  5. Catholic Church Records
  6. Methodist Records as a Genealogical Source
  7. Irish Jewish Records as a Genealogical Source
  8. Huguenot Church Registers in Ireland
  9. Irish Bapists Church Records

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