Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Irish Genealogy Society International

The Irish Genealogy Society International (IGSI)
publishes the award winning journal The Septs

Free PDF copies of past issues are available:

Some recent articles:
  • Irish Civil Registration Indexes on FamilySearch.org
  • How Do I Start? Where Do I Look?
  • Deducing a Townland with Little Evidence: The Origin of James Joseph Sullivan
  • Use of DNA in Irish Genealogical Research
  • Accessing the IGSI Library Periodical Collection
  • Following Clues Across the Water
  • Your Key to the Irish on the Internet
  • Websites for Military Records

The IGSI library catalog is online. www.irishgenealogical.org/irish_genealogical_res_catalog.asp

IGSI outline of Irish genealogy research. http://www.irishgenealogical.org/irish_genealogical_res_sources.asp