Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Genealogy Magazines

Ancestry Magazine – Ancestry Magazine delivers insight and ideas that tackle the tough questions about your family’s yesterdays and provide the latest ways you can pass on the legacy for tomorrow. Articles by experts in the field focus on methodology, top research areas and the scope is national. The publisher also hosts a popular website on genealogy.

Family Tree – is America’s #1 family history magazine. It covers all areas of potential interest to family enthusiasts, including historical travel, family reunions, scrapbooking, ethnic heritage, memoirs and other ways that families connect with their pasts. Family Tree Magazine strives to give readers all the resources they need to discover, preserve and celebrate their family histories.

Internet Genealogy – is your guide to successful genealogical research using the ever increasing power of the World Wide Web. Internet Genealogy will also tell you what to do if you cannot find the records you need and how to confirm your findings. The magazine also covers advanced genealogical methods such as DNA analysis, as well as software and technology reviews, case studies, databases and other Internet-related family history topics.

*These publications are in the Periodical Department and can be checked-out*