Monday, October 22, 2007

Tips for Requesting Genealogy Information from Libraries

Successful Genealogy
by Diane Dieterle
American Genealogical Lending Library
Bountiful, Utah
GEN 929.1 DIET

This helpful introduction to genealogy outlines an important system for identifying your ancestors. It can be used when e-mailing or writing for information. Using this system can also help genealogists to filter through the large number of retrieved records from internet and genealogy database searches.

Identify your relative by name, date, place, and relationship when possible.

e.g. Mary Smith, b. 1870, Whiting, IN, md. Jonathan Davis, Gary IN (relationship)

e.g. Mary L. Smith, d. 1860, Lake County, Indiana, daughter of George W. Smith of Virginia, md. Michael Smith early 1800's. (relationship)

e.g. Mary L. Smith, md. 1790, New York, NY, Mother of the following children(relationship)

e.g. Mary A. Jones, school teacher, 1920-1940, Gary, IN, buried in Ross Township cemetery, md. Michael Jones 1925 (relationship)

Middle names or initials can help identify ancestors more quickly.

If you don't know the exact date, give approximate dates and or decades.

Place is very important. State, County, City and Township play an important role in identifying ancestors.

Relationship can help identify the correct branch and correct generation of a large family tree.