Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marshall's Guide~British Pedigrees

Genealogist's Guide
942.0016 MAR
by George W. Marshall
Fourth Edition

Many British pedigrees have been completed and published in various books, magazines, and newsletters. One of the first was Succinct Genealogies of the Noble and Ancient Houses of Alno, Broc, and Mordaunt, by Robert Halstead (1685) As with all genealogy materials published information should always be checked with the original records.

Marshall's Guide is an index to published pedigrees. Over a period of 40 years, Dr. Marshall searched through local and county histories, biographical studies, national and local periodicals and made notes of every pedigree that had at least three generations in the male line. The index is alphabetical and contains over 75,000 references to the exact titles of works and the pages where the pedigrees can be found.
Hancock or Hancocke. Visitation of Somerset, printed by Sir T. Phillipps, 88. Harleian Society, xi. 45. Surtees Durham, ii. 234. Visitation of Wiltshire, 1677, printed by Sir T. Phillipps, (Middle Hill, 1854, fol. Metalfe's Visitation of Worcester, 1683, 53. Metcalfe's Visitations of Northamptonshire, 97. The Visitations of Devon, by J.L. Vivian, 441. New England Register, ix. 352; xxxvi.76.
Marshall's work was continued by Whitmore, Barrow and Thomson. The Lake County Public Library owns Barrow's work which covers 1950-1975.
Marshall's Guide through 1903 is also available online at Google Books