Monday, June 7, 2010

Virginia Genealogy Sources & Resources

Virginia Genealogy:
Sources & Resources
by Carol McGinnis

McGinnis begins her book by documenting the importance of Virginia in American Genealogy:

"William Byrd, a leading figure in the Colony of Virginia, once said, "In the beginning, all America was Virgnia."

Byrd may have referred to Virginia's vast land holdings. "The Virginia Company's charters of 1606 and 1609 designated most of the Atlantic seaboard between Florida and Canada as 'Virgina."" Virginia's claim also extended westwad to the Pacific coast of America. Two colonies--Maryland and North Carolina--as well as seven states and part of Minnesota were carved from Virginia's original territory. These states are West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsisn."

McGinnis's book is a comprehensive listing of Virginia genealogical sources. Use this book to learn about the types of records available and where they can be found.